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Hi everyone, my name is Odd Helge Hveding, and I’ve been watching how musicians do and don’t market themselves, for a long time.

How to do social media marketing for musicians, seem to be what musicians don’t spend their time on. The majority of musicians and bands in most genres, styles and sizes do some parts of the marketing, but maybe not in a way that appeal to an audience. Music that should be heard all over the world, get hidden among all the others, because the marketing doesn’t stand out. When you want to have attention, you need to do what it takes to get it, and for marketing musicians that means a lot more than releasing a video now and then. There so many talented young musicians turning old without the success they should have, so I wanted to find out more Odd Helge Hvedingon what works and what doesn’t. On the other hand, there are lot of old musicians, doing great stuff, that don’t get the attention they earn. I started a search on internet and found more than one ways of getting to the Gold, but the price and the workload differs a lot…  well, I got something, and I keep finding more. Stay tuned on the site and you can find what you need to do with your music to make it heard by ….. (how many should listen to your music? pick a number and go for it). Marketing musicians get a lot more attention than those who just keep dreaming about it. Are you ready to start your career as a Marketing Musician?

… and who am I?

I’m an educated tromboneplayer/brass instructor/music teacher/composer/arranger/conductor…. yeah, too much, and still I’m adding being a marketing musician to it. I do have a wonderful life, though. I teach all of those subjects, as well. In all kind of genres. You might say I have a variety of tasks and subjects, and I also have a passion for everything. Working in a public High School on a daily basis (teaching all this stuff), makes it difficult to keep on top of everything, which is one of the reasons why I started searching for the “real truth” about marketing musicians. Everybody knows that it’s not possible to stay on top of everything, but I learn a lot, so I can help other to get their success, while I’m happy with mine.

My family gets my attention too, so planning has become a very important part of my life. To do a little of each doesn’t make you perfect, but it has given me a picture of what it takes to succeed. I take pleasure in other peoples success and I love to help others to achieve what they want. I believe that we all can help each other to succeed on the level we want it. Sky is the limit for some, but for others it’s just a stop on the way…  and, I got something.

How musicians and music marketing got my attention

During the last 30 years or so, I’ve been dedicated to teaching music. Since I work in all kind of genres, I’m not an expert in anything, but I know a lot of many aspects of musicianship. That is a very important part of teaching music in a High School (Secondary Upper Level). Pupils start with a dream and we work hard to do what we can to help them get closer. Our goal is always to get them to the next level, and that is what I’m good at. I help people get to their next level in many ways, so, as you understand, my search for what works for marketing musicians can pay off for you. You can read what you need here (well, if you get in touch, you can get some coaching, too) and save yourself the time you need to improve your skills.

OHH playing tromboneWhat I’ve seen is that when musicians are ready to start working for a career, they can’t afford it. Making an income is important, but when that takes all the time you should use to practice for your career, you most likely won’t get there in time to blossom. This has bothered me for some years, so I decided I wanted to make an effort of helping out.

My life has always been about helping out where needed when someone ask for my help. This is different, because I wasn’t asked to do this. I see this as something most musicians forget, even though marketing  is important. This is why I wanted to find a solution and help out.

Based on all the technology present in our society, there are so many ways of getting in touch with the right people. Every day gets more excited just by knowing that someone out there can give me a hand if I’m stuck on an issue. Real inspiration.

Priorities and Gains

Most important is having the time to make life with the family a priority and still be able to manage my business on a positive and energetic level, makes life more wonderful than I ever dreamed of.

Life is wonderful and I just love to get up in the morning to get started. I have my days filled with what makes me live, not what I have to do, because someone else says I have to. You should do it too, it’s worth it. My main intention is to make my dream projects a reality and really feel the joy of making my dreams come true, without that being a strain on the family. Maybe that can help you too?

If you have any questions or want to know more about what Marketing can do for you, don’t stop there, I would love to connect. Just leave your comments below and visit this site regularly, it’s being updated with all you need or at least all I Find regarding this matter, and I will keep adding quality. You can also get in touch with me on my profile inside of Wealthy Affiliate (just click on this blue text)

Nice to see you here, keep showing up and spread the word.

thanks, see you around.

Odd Helge

4 thoughts on “About MarketingMusicians.org”

  1. This is a pleasantly positive page and I admire your enthusiasm, zest for music and life. It is a great idea to use your WA experiences to help musicians, who do not have the marketing abilities you can offer.

    1. Thank you John,
      I appreciate your comments. Even though this is a start, it is also the kind of start that can help people to get their music to the next level on a solid base. The importance of showing up, both in person and as an artist, is underestimated. I have, during my long experience as a music teacher, always been aware of the side effects of being who you are when you perform. The more you give, the more you get.

      The side effects usually works opposite of the ones you find for medicine. I find that about 98% of the side effects in showing yourself as yourself, when playing the music you like, are positive. They help you to be able to give even more. To make sure that you meet your audience, you do need to be in touch with them, where they are.

      When you drop something in the dark, but search for it where there’s light, you’re searching on the wrong places. You need to bring light to the place where you dropped what you’re searching for. Since more and more people are connected through social media, you have to be on the social media platform they use, so the search you need to do is actually finding and learning the platform your audience use.

      Society changes all the time, so if we don’t change, we lose. Our business as musicians are used by others, but if we want to control it, and if we want to be noticed, we have to take the necessary action to bring our music to the people. If we don’t believe in it, it won’t happen. These are some of the reasons why I see it important to keep on working on these matters.

      It’s an inspiration that you see the good in what I do, I really appreciate that. I’m constantly working on these matters, helping people understanding the importance of marketing in a way that attracts audiences.

      Hope you spread the word and that more people see how this can help them in making positive changes in their music performance and bringing joy to more people.

      Keep up the good life, John. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sunny 🙂

      Life is an inspiration and by doing these small changes it just got even more exciting. There’s a sentence running inside me, that helps focusing on the fulfillment of my dreams; “Action Changes Things”. I notice movement in the right directions on most levels,so this is totally worth it.

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Odd Helge

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