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Marketing Musicians are usually marketing their music, hoping for everyone to listen to it.

Why people don’t listen to it, seems to be like a mystery, Why?

When you do your marketing, what you do matters
What you do to market your music, matters

I’ll repeat that:

What YOU do to market your music, matters.

This website is about ways to market yourself and your music. If you already do it and have success, I’m happy for you. You can still find ways and tips for your marketing inside this website, so keep an eye on it, for the sake of your future.

You will find articles on

  • how you can make your marketing more efficient.
  • how you can master different marketing techniques.
  • what you need to do your marketing.
  • how you can sell your products, like videos, music, any kind of recordings or anything else.
  • monetization of you website and in a way make all your marketing for free.
  • what to do when you get your success, what choices you have and what to watch out for.
  • what to look for on internet.
  • what to avoid on internet.
  • how to market and save time.

To become one of the marketing musicians, doesn’t have to be so hard. If you don’t have your success, yet, read on and see what you find here at

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, make sure you leave a comment or send an e-mail with the topic and you’ll get the answer as soon as possible.

Your journey to success matters, don’t start without knowing what you need!

8 thoughts on “Getting Started”

    1. Happy to see you like it, Sunny.

      Marketing is marketing, and as long as you know what you’re marketing, it doesn’t really matter what you do. This site is about the way musicians should use what they have to position themselves to an audience and managers and more. I believe most of these areas are quite similar to anyone working with esthetics. You can probably change musician with actor (actress), painter,author, dancer, and more. I’m a musician,so that is what I’m relating to.

      Please feel yourself at home on the site:-)

      For your success

      Odd Helge

  1. Hi, Odd!

    When it comes to monetizing own skills, regarding if it is about music, art, sport or something else, it can help a lot to have additional marketing knowledge.

    I am sure your work will help all these categories of people to monetize their skills.

    Keep up the good work,


    1. Thank you Igor,

      yes, your own skills are important and they can always be marketed in a better way. Musicians have a tendency on focusing on the skills only, and never let people know how great musicians they are. Then again, I find so many who does some of the marketing bits and pieces without getting the audience they want.

      By using the ideas on this site, they will have a better chance of showing their talent as musicians for a lot more people. Marketing is necessary for getting an audience these days. We get so much information about everything, so keeping up the importance of standing out from the crowd and be the natural self, is vital for creating a success.

      I thank you for your support, Igor, and thanks for stopping by, it helps a lot of people 🙂

      Odd Helge

  2. Good works here, I believe this will help a lot of people endowed with potentials but struggling to get their way through. I love your contents

    1. Thank you, David.

      I know there are lots of musicians having trouble with their marketing. It’s confusing in many areas, for several reasons. There are so many doing it, and there isn’t one place you can put all your ads to make it work. It still doesn’t have to take all the time in the world to do it properly, you just have to do it right. Most people don’t, so if YOU do, there a big chance your music will get more attention than the others. Good Luck. 🙂

      Odd Helge

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