How To Make A Youtube Video Rank

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Marketing Musicians:

Everyone understand that Making the YouTube music video is important. Now, do you know how to make a youtube video rank?

Imagine what would happen if all your YouTube music videos was on top in every search. How would you feel? What would your career look like?


I know, it’s hard to make a music video rank, but not as hard as you would think. This one has been ranking pretty well for a while, and still does on some keywords. Read on and you will learn more about how it works. Ready to learn how to make a youtube video rank?

You need to know some other things first, simply because I want to help you make your failures fewer, preferably like none.

Let me show you a couple of things that can help you. Using what you can learn here in a combination with what you’ve got out there, you can always improve your rankings. How does that sound?

Nice, Let’s get started 

I’ve been testing some kind of video marketing, mainly in a way where you make the video, do what is natural to do, and just leave them there, living their own life. It’s a kind of moving picture, after all, so it’s alive, one way or another (and you save the food).

Here are the facts you need to take care of;
  • Video marketing – quite usual among musicians.
  • Music videos – one of the most used ways of marketing a musician.
  • Music video marketing – one of the easiest niches to make your videos drown.
  • Why Music Videos on YouTube – do you know the answer?
  • How Ranking Works – I’ll show you a couple of examples.
  • How you improve your ranking and your VIEWS on you videos.


When you and/or your band creates your video, you are taken by the fun of it, some of the exhaustion, but mainly the fun. There is a hope in creating them.

You want to be discovered, you believe you are ready to start your career. Maybe you are, I don’t know, you need to tell me about it (you can do it as a comment below).

Great bands, wonderful musicians are not doing this correct. This mean that if you don’t feel like the best in your genre, you can beat them on Youtube. Especially if you make your own music and know what to do.


This is not where you learn how to make music video. This is more about how you can market your music videos. Still, mentioning that you should make a good plan for what your video looks like in the end, is a very smart move.

Music videos can be a lot of things, there are all kinds of them, and there are quite a lot of them. Those who stand out and get most viewers do things a bit differently from the rest, and they don’t just use their videos.

Video marketing, whatever you’re marketing, is more or less the same, but with a music video you have a chance to take it a few steps further.

People like music, so they do search for it. Your job is to make sure that they find it. There are several platforms for uploading videos, but here we are talking about marketing YouTube music videos. Music videos will be ranked differently on different platforms, so when you upload your videos, make sure you have a plan for how people are going to find it.

There are a few other tasks you should do as well. More on that issue further down.


There are tons of videos on how you should market your YouTube music videos. Music videos are not very different from any video. You can of course choose music as your category, so those who search for music have a greater chance of hitting your videos.

This might not be the only solution. I discovered a few things that might interest you. If you’ve been around this site, you will have noticed that doing things a bit differently is an important part of marketing. What I’m about to show you is not a widely used technique, yet…

Read on, and take action on it, you will be the winner!


It may sound strange that you need your videos on YouTube. If everybody have their videos on YouTube, why bother?

It’s not strange, it’s pure common sense. You need to have your videos where you have your audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (at least at the moment, and have been for some time). The only search engine bigger, is the owner of YouTube, namely Google.

That’s another great reason to have your videos on YouTube. Just imagine this:

Let’s say you have a kid (if you don’t have kids, pretend you do. If you do have more than one, that’s great, too).

When you, as a parent, get those very interesting questions, that makes your automatic NO’s full of all the doubt in the world (yeah, kids are great negotiators. They corner you and melt your heart, so in the end – sooner or later they win), would you get the same doubts if it was the child of someone else?

No, you wouldn’t (all right, there are of course exceptions, I know), you would go for what you had decided in the first place. Just like Google would go for what YouTube “says”, before searching the answer in other video platforms.

In other words, if you want your music videos to rank on Google, you should upload them to YouTube.

If you had to chose between all the platforms, this would of course be the only alternative, unless you are very shy…

Luckily that’s not how it works, you can upload your videos anywhere at your choice, but keep in mind that your YouTube music videos also can crawl on Google.

I’ll show you some fun stuff…


Let’s have some action, and I’ll prove my point to you.

Once upon a time (or not so long ago) I uploaded a video on YouTube. It’s not a music video, but it’s a video about marketing for musicians.

To get to my points below I recommend chrome or firefox for this search, other browsers may give you another result.



Open a new tab in your browser. You should use an incognito window. Pretend you are searching for information on how to do marketing for musicians. If you type into the new tab marketing for musicians, there could be a chance that you found some of my posts, but you don’t.

You probably Didn’t find anything related to me or my sites. What I want to show you here is the fact that what you search for can be very close to you, but not as close as you want.

To show you this, I want you to copy and paste This: network marketing for musicians.

On top, you see a guy who seem to have fallen down from the moon, wondering where he is now. That’s me (lol)

The video is uploaded on YouTube and shows how powerful your uploads can be. It’s about network marketing for musicians, so you’re welcome to watch it, but let’s move on here.

Open a new tab (don’t use the one you just opened), and go to Do the same searches there; first marketing for musicians and then network marketing for musicians.

You probably don’t find that video there. Meaning, there is a difference in how Google and YouTube works, so how to make it work both places?

Next step: Use your first tab (on Google), and take away the for. Your search should now be network marketing musicians. 

marketingmusicians.orgWhen you scroll down, you will see one of the posts of this site, as well. Cool right?

What I wanted to show you here, is the fact that it does matter what you search for, how you search it and that even small words can make the difference.

(now that you’ve got the point, on the picture is what you should have seen, just in case things changes over night or years….)

Notice, this was a search on Google, there is more power in this search than you know right now (unless you do…). There is a lot of searches for videos on Google. When you look at the menu in Google, There is a possible search for ALL (the one we just used), PICTURES, NEWS, VIDEOS and shopping, but we will consentrate on what’s interesting for us. Now have a look at this:

When you go to the other tab, press VIDEO (still on the network marketing musicians search) and you should see something like this:

What you see here, is both the video itself and a playlist, are on top.

This means that your videos can be found other places than in YouTube, even if it is drowned on YouTube. Google have their own search criteria, so looking for the right keywords can help your videos a long way.

Here is another example on how your videos can be found, check this:
  1. Use the same tab or create a new one. Type in: 1000 people
  2. You probably found a lot about a music video and a song, not mine, but very popular. NOW search for: 1000 words
  3. Here you found a lot about what 1000 words are, how many pages and so on. HERE’s the FUN part, Type in: 1000 people 1000 words, press enter
  4. and TA-DA!!! You find another video made by me, on top, in GOOGLE, and if you search for pictures or videos, in Google, you will see the same results. Here’s the video you were supposed to find:

I found this video a bit anonymous, so I did a few changes. This is the same video, but it tells a bit more before people start watching. If that is a good thing or not, will probably vary from video to video. I use this video mainly, as in this case, as a video inside an article or a blogpost. Here’s the edited version. Do you notice the difference?

Try searching the same way in YouTube, and you could find it, but it will depend on how you search. There are some searches that are better than others, and some searches are victims of more competition than others. That’s a part of the online reality.


To make the great ranking for  your youtube music videos, you do need to spread the word about your release of the video.

Social media are great places to get some of the results. Share your video on all the social media you use. The more people placing their likes, and just as important, watch the video, the better for your ranking.

I’ve showed you some ways of thinking music video marketing a bit different from what most people do. There are a few more thing that will help improve your ranking.

Actually there are three, so here we go, take these seriously, and people find your videos on top or at least a lot closer:

  • Here you can find the best keyword suitable for your video…

  • Make sure that your video is on different posts on your website. If you have made yourself an EPK, it’s a natural place to post it.

  • The last fast tip on how to make your videos rank, is by using e-mail marketing. This is where you are in contact with your audience. This is where you can get the best response. (read more about e-mail marketing)

Always treat your fans good, and they will follow you truly and help all your videos rank higher. Post them the link and proudly tell them how great they are and how lovely it would be if they gave you a like and shared it with their friends.

These tips are ways you can take your video marketing to the next level. Since it looks like every musician is putting all the effort in making the YouTube music videos, you can make the difference by implementing and play around with similar variations. how to promote your musicI hope you found this article interesting, and that it will help you in the promotion of your music. You’re welcome to leave a comment on anything you found here and how you see you can use it. Leaving a comment on a website is of more value than most marketing musicians understand. That it’s valuable to other readers, is one thing, but you will also see other benefits from this activity. If you miss anything, please let us know. Marketing Musicians, (this website) want to reveal all you need and also give you ideas on where you can get what you need, safely, tested and approved. Thanks for your comments, and thank you for sharing 🙂

Now; Take the action to market your YouTube Music Videos in style!
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8 thoughts on “How To Make A Youtube Video Rank”

  1. Hey Odd Helge Hveding what a really cool write up. I have a girlfriend who is into singing and made a couple of CDs which she sells, however she doesn’t have any YouTube videos yet.

    We were talking about it the other day and she was saying how overwhelmed with it all she was so I will absolutely send here to check out your site (& read this post specifically!) You’ve laid out a really through and strategic way to help her get started and hopefully get her name out there even more.

    Keep up the awesome work 🙂
    Cheers, Amanda

    1. Thank you Amanda,

      The whole idea of this site is helping other musicians to make an audience and grow into the success they want. Great to hear that you want your girlfriend to increase the sales of her CDs. There’s also an article about how to sell music online and the site will always be about making the world easier for musicians to succeed without getting bankrupt to get there.

      Thank you for dropping by, and you’re of course welcome to share its existence.

      See you around 🙂

      Odd Helg

  2. I’m just starting to get into the YouTube video thing and this post is really timely. After all, no point in loading up videos if they don’t rank and nobody sees them. Right?

    Often musicians get caught up in the art side of things and tend to forget about the business and marketing aspects. There is a lot of great information to work with here. Thanks so much.

    1. Hello Darren,

      I’m looking forward to see your videos above all the others. All the best for your future video success!

  3. Hey OddHelgeH,

    Great review. before i read your post i didnt have a cliue on how youtube videos rank but now ive got a much better idea

    ive got my own youtube channel with music videos but never really knew how to get them ranked well

    this post has really helped me

    Thanks for the review

    1. Thank you Joshua,

      in the jungle of music videos, you do need to give the search engines the right message to be in the spot you deserve.

      Keep working for you goals and your success don’t have a chance to stay away. Good Luck!

  4. Wow what a great tutorial!!! Hahaha I caught myself starting each comment with “wow”. I can’t help myself when you created helpful posts not only for musicians but for everyone.
    Thank you so much.
    P.S. I found all of your videos ranking very high – WOW(again) you did a great job!!!

    1. Thank you, Sunny,

      I know the stuff work, so it’s a pleasure to spread the word for a good cause. Later I will make a part two of this “lesson”, but for now, this will have to do. Great to be of help for anyone. People are people, marketing is marketing and music is my life, lol

      Good luck on your journey into Youtube video ranking!

      Odd Helge

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