Local And Online Marketing

Marketing Musicians: Your marketing effect will increase by using Local And Online marketing – hand in hand.

When you understand how the one helps the other, your audience growth will be an inspiration, not a pain.


An important part of your marketing is your knowledge about the local marketing resources. Building relationship to local reporters and the people you have to work with for the concert is a huge advantage for reaching the right audience. Local marketing is about getting the word on the street. If you want to reach a new audience, make sure they know what your business is. Don’t expect that anyone knows you, tell your story in a way that makes it more interesting than your competition. The local reporters should be excited when you speak to them. Everything from sign posts, banners, newspaper articles, interviews should include something about you, not just a picture and a name. Give people everything they need to make sure they don’t have excuses not to be there. Marketing you along with your music, makes people know you better, and the better they know you, the more often you will see them at your concerts.

A lot of the local marketing can be done for free. Your relationship to people in the community and the way you communicate with them is essential for the results you get. When locally means where you live, this is of course a lot easier. You hopefully know people, you can talk to anyone, and you should. The difference of having a concert other places than where you live, is that you have to get connected to as many people as possible where the concert takes place. This is one of the areas marketing musicians succeed more than others, it’s great to have a network of people close to the venue. When you market yourself and your music properly, you have a larger audience in more places. This is one of the benefits you can gain a lot from doing internet marketing, knowing how to build a website and how to use social media.


Your website is an important part of your marketing. If you don’t have a website, you don’t have a place for people to see who you are and what you do. You might call your website a business central. All people need to know about you and your music should be present on your website. Musicians usually write about their music and nothing about themselves. This is one of the difference between most musicians and the marketing musicians. People, your new audience, are less interested in your music if they don’t know about you, at least who you are and why they should relate to your music. No one is better than you to tell them that.

The second part of online marketing is the use of social media. All kinds of social media can be used in marketing. There are trainings for every social media you can name, and you should know about how to use them in marketing before you start. In a combination with your website, your online marketing can be the most valueable marketing you do. You can do it for free, around the clock through the whole year.


Your marketing plan should include both local and online marketing. The information you provide on your website should be the same information you give to the local community. When you are consistent in your marketing, more people will register what you do, who you are and why they should appear on your concert, gig or whatever you want them to attend. When you provide information used in the local marketing, you should always include you website address. On your website they should find all the information about you, your music, your concerts and maybe some reviews of previous concerts. If you have a band it would be nice with a presentation of the band members. You build yourself an electronic press kit, which is a package ready to be used for promoting your upcoming concerts or other events. You will find more about electronic press kits by entering THIS LINK


Marketing takes time, but it shouldn’t take more time than necessary. When you create your marketing plan, wonders would happen if you included the routines for both local and online marketing. The local marketing is a bit different from online marketing and by involving other people, you can save some time. A part of being a marketing musician is that you learn to involve others in a way that serves you. It is easier to involve the right people when you know exactly what they ought to do, that is a good reason to learn all that is needed to be done, so you ensure yourself that the right actions are taken. The more you get into these details, the more you control the marketing. Marketing musicians should take more control of their own marketing than is being done today.

The online marketing is very much about daily or weekly tasks. Depending on what level you want your marketing to work and for how long you have done your marketing properly. The use of social media and referring to your website and pictures of your local marketing, it doesn’t take much time, but can make your audience a lot bigger and even more enthusiastic when you do it properly and consistently. You should normally use more time when everything is new than you use when you’ve been marketing yourself for some time. You will probably notice the difference.


I’ve mentioned the need of a website and trainings for use of social media in marketing. I found a site online providing all the training you need, all the technical suppport and 2 free websites. This one is not directly pointing at musicians, but on the other hand, you might find it interesting how you can generate sales on your website along with the promotion of you and your music. You can find several different places offering a website for free, but they usually lack the training you need to make sure you do it the right way. This one is different, you can start for free, continue for free or choose a paid version Read all about it by entering the link below. Along with the website building, there is a community who knows all about marketing, what works and how to do it. There is plenty of room for musicians learning how to do their marketing. It is worth checking out, wonderful and helpful people 24/7/365.  CLICK HERE TO CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT.

By following these tips you should notice that your marketing effect, by using Local And Online marketing together, not only makes your audience grow, but also gives you inspiration to keep working on your music. Good luck on growing your audience as an inspiration, keeping away the pain.

I hope you find this article useful. Please leave a comment and let’s have the discussion on the details. We can all learn a lot from each other, and by helping others we all do our bit of making live music with living musicians, liveable, agree?

2 thoughts on “Local And Online Marketing”

  1. To be honest, I was a complete newbie in online marketing, before I joined the Wealthy Affiliate. What I knew about marketing in general and local marketing was only what I learned by myself through the experience. I thank the Wealthy Affiliate for everything I know now. I realized that there is no big difference between those too. It’s just about how you design it 🙂

    1. True Sunny, you always end finding that marketing is marketing.

      There are of course these differences, but in the end it’s all about how big your crowd of fans can be. The better you market both on- and offline, the more loyal people you have around you. They support you, especially if you engage with them.

      You will also notice that the more you engage, the more credit you get. This again leads to more talk about what you do, and that makes the compliments go around quicker. Nothing ever beats word of mouth, unless you cross countries and continents. That’s where a computer comes in very handy. 🙂

      Thank you, for your contibution 🙂

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