Make Money And Improve My Music? Review on Slicethepie

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Slicethepie Review

slicethepie logoSlicethepie is a company where you can make money and at the same time improve your music. How this is possible? Just follow their instructions and be serious when you do your reviews.

Name: Slicethepie
Price: $0
Owners: Slice The Pie LTD

Slice The Pie, Product Overview

slicethepie is a website where you can tell your opinion about songs. This site started in 2007 and have more than two million reviewers and claim to have new sign-ups every day. This site has grown into being one of the most, if not the most important page to enter your music if you want a review of your music.

There are lots of bands and artists who wants other peoples opinion on their music before they release it. They pay to get a review of their music and you get paid to give that review. Your review goes straight to the artists and when you send your review, you get paid.

You can send in your music anonymous or with your full name. That is up to the artists. The benefit for the artists is that they get a chance to see how well their music will do when they start marketing it.

There are other areas where you can give your review. As an addition since 2015 you find categories like fashion, mobile phone accessories and more.

What You Get And What You Should Be Looking For

The Content (as of interest for the reviewer):
  1. You choose a category on what you want to review. You get access to music in styles you’ve chosen or styles related.
  2. You listen to 90 seconds of the songs and write a review according to what they want reviewed.
  3. When you deliver your review you get paid.
The Content (as of interest for the artists):
  1. You deliver your music and it is sent to different reviewers. Their reviews will be sent to you.
  2. You get the chance to do the necessary changes in your music/recording to improve it before you release it.
  3. When you send in your music you have to pay for getting the reviews.

slicethepie FAQ sample

The Missing Content (if they don’t offer it, do they have a plan for it?):

The site has a very thorough FAQ page. Everything you want to need to know about the site is covered, and should you have other questions, ask them.

When you look at websites you should be able to get all the answers before you have to sign in. Slice The Pie has done a great job in answering the questions. It’s easy to understand and they are serious about wanting your questions, so their website can tell you everything you need before you sign in.

There is one thing that has to be mentioned; It is not possible to make reviews from every country in the world. If you are uncertain whether your country is accepted or not, you can send them an e-mail and ask. They answer.

The answer I got was that in periods some areas were not covered. When they don’t have artists in your area you will not be able to do reviews.

At least I got an honest answer, which I prefer more than any promise of something they can’t keep.

Slicethepie Complaints

I didn’t find any complaints about this company.

Slicethepie Rewards

They pay out every Tuesdays and Fridays. There is a minimal withdrawal of $10, to your Paypal account.

If you can’t do reviews in your area, you can still refer a friend and make money.

Who is Slice The Pie For?

This site is for everyone. It would be a good idea to know something about music, or at least know what to say. A review is important for the artists to improve their music and generate more sales. The better your reviews are, the more you get paid.

Artists both reviewing other artists music and getting reviews on their own music, are the ones that will get the most out of this product. When you write a review you build yourself an insight in what is good and what is bad. Another effect of the reviewing is that you get to know something about possible competitors on the market, and you learn something about good and bad in music. According to yourself, of course.

When you get the reviews on your music, you can close in on the audience you want to reach. The more you know about the audience, the better.

Anyone who is interested in making reviews and make a few dollars, can create an account. If it works in your country, you can make it balancing by reviewing other musicians music. The huge benefit of doing exactly that, is that you learn from others how to improve your own recordings. You pay and get paid at the same time.

You don’t have to be a musician to benefit from this product. Everyone who has an interesting in any kind of music are welcome to create an account. When there is an opening for you to do reviews, you will get noticed.

Slicethepie Support

This site answers your e-mail, they even ask you kindly to get back to them with any question. You get in touch with the company, a small company, gladly helping you out with your topics.  At least that is my experience. (Yes, I have an account).

Slicethepie doesn’t cost you anything.

When you set up your account, it is mainly to be able to pay you. There are no charges as an affiliate, but if you’re and astist you have to pay to upload the samples.

How much you have to pay, is a good answer to the company. I would recommend that you check that before you send in your music.

How much you can earn, will vary on different kind of reviews. Company politics are that you should get paid since you’re helping other people.

My Final Opinion of Slicethepie

I can’t find anything than an honest site. You get the money you’ve earned. As long as you improve your reviews, by making sure that the language is understandable and always getting better, this is a great place to get the good ideas on how to improve your own music.

Some things will always be crap, but this product is highly recommended.

Slice The Pie at a Glance…

slicethepie logoName: Slicethepie
Price: $0
Owners: Slice The Pie LTD


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4 thoughts on “Make Money And Improve My Music? Review on Slicethepie”

  1. Interesting! Do you know how much they’ll pay you for each review? Can you make a full-time income from this, or a side-income?

    This could be a good way for musicians to get their music heard.

    1. Hi Chris,
      as I understand it there are no standard on how much they pay. They say that the better your review is, the more you get paid. I believe that is a way of making sure that their customers get the feedback they need to improve their material. This doesn’t mean that the artist decide the amount, every review is read by others before sent to the artists. The quality is determined by how you give a review on what they want a review on.

      I don’t think I would test this as a full-time income, but definitely a side-income. I don’t live in an area where they offer any reviews at the moment, so you could risk a no income period. At the other hand, helping others out to get closer to their success is always a good way of acting.

  2. Hey Heldge,

    I tried the program but my experience was pretty rough. After joining, I had to reveal my location so that they would get the songs from within my locality for me to give feedback on, which I completely understand.

    At the time, I was in Kenya. After having accessed my location, I was told that there are no current songs that need review, but they would send to my email, should there be any.

    It’s more than 2 years now, and not a single song has hit my mail. What do your think is the problem? Can you please help me solve this issue? I would really love to earn money with slicethepie.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Dave,
      I’m sorry to hear that. I’m doing some research here and I promise to get back to you the moment I find the reason. This is not what it’s supposed to be, so I just have to appologize for this situation.

      Keep alive and well, in the meantime.

      You’ll hear from me.

      Odd Helge

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