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Marketing Tools for Musicians favor your way of spending time and money. Make your marketing more effective and time saving. You should always be looking for marketing tools  that help you to use less time on marketing and more time to  practice. Here you will find what you should be looking for, a few suggestions on great places to start, and then some. Everything that makes life easier, will be a nice start in the end.

Marketing Tools for Musicians actually works for anyone, but as musicians we need to think a bit differently about what we are looking for. We don’t need everything that others need, but we can gain something from everything. Here is a short list of where to begin:


For starters, we have the free websites. There are so many solutions of free websites. Personally I’ve landed on one, that gives me everything I need. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and offers two websites for free. These sites are wordpress sites but you don’t need to pay anything to have them up and running. A lof of people use this free version and makes money online. If you already have a website, you could consider changing it over to this fast platform provided in the Wealthy Affiliate system. (Here you can create a FREE website in 30 seconds), right now.


There are many possibilities here as well. Most of them (that I have found), has a free start and then you have to pay a fee monthly or yearly. What I find is that a lot of them don’t give you enough information as a free tool, so you would have to pay the fee to get what you really want.

Google has its instant search, (showing when you search for something in Google). When you’re marketing you need to search for keywords to make sure you hit the right audience. Google is interested in the ones that gives the most traffic. This means that you have to work a while to find the kind of keywords you were searching for, so it doesn’t necessarily save you time. It’s a great tool, but it lacks some important details you need to consider.

Among the keyword research tools I have found, the one inside Wealthy Affiliate works very good, and is free as well. You get an overview of traffic, visitors and competition. You can also dig deeper into a specific keyword, to check if there are more or  better alternatives. Keyword research is important to make sure your site is ranking higher on search engines. The keyword tool inside WA, is not the only one with a price of $0, but what you get from it is highly recommeded quality keywords on how to get traffic to your website.


If you are an experienced marketer, you know that joining trainings are important. Never work alone from home, so to speak. It is natural for us to keep digging alone instead of getting the training to become comfortable with what we do. You can find trainings all over internet, but some are crap and others are gold. There are trainings for how to set up websites, how to do your marketing, how to do this and how to do that. When you have all the trainings you need in one place, you wouldn’t have to look all over internet to find the trainings that are great. Having trainings in one system, makes it easier to be consistent in your marketing and makes your marketing more streamlined. Inside WA you get access to a lot of trainings for every aspects of your marketing. You can even transform it into something you are interested in and find a way to go for it. What people say about the use of online marketing is also a part of that training.


We are probably all a bit shy when we talk to people we don’t know. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter who they are when it comes to performing your music. This is a strange situation, but totally possible to explain (not that I will do that here). You should find an audience where you can practise your language.  You will understand that your language improves as you move along in your marketing. In the end you benefit from this, simply by getting the audience closer to you and naturally expand.


Reading is underestimated. You can’t read enough, ever. By doing this as part of your daily tasks you make it easier to read a lot. Why you want to read has, among other things, to do with making it easy to talk to people. Books does that to you. When you have a ton of material you can speak about to everyone, you will notice that reading all kinds of books works.


There are lot of audios on internet, ready to be listened to. As long as they are inspirational you should go for it. You never know when you need the knowlegde.


When you see the one who speak, you feel more comfortable. Looking for speakers with the theme you want or need, is a good idea, simply because you don’ t have to feel alone.  At the same time you benefit from it, because unlike audio files, videos is on the spot (or not) showing you what is told.


There are reasons why using all kind of tools that help is listed here. You can practise more, you become better at everything and you will benefit from it by saving time you use to create content.

You should never pay for starting out on something you don’t know what is. There is no need to pay for all the trainings you need, because they are free other places. WA  has a great offer where you start for nothing and stay there (still not paying) until you see how this can work for you  (You can have a look at what it is, clicking that blue text).

Always look for new Marketing Tools. For Musicians this means that you are looking for tools that make your everyday easier, where you spend less time, and in the other end, you get more attention for your music, your band or your gig or concert. Keep coming back to this site, make sure you bookmark it, and we’ll keep you up with the latest, at least when  necessary 🙂

Maybe you have heard of other tools that help? Let’s talk about them in the comments below. If you don’t know anything about digital tools, we can talk about that too. Please leave your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Marketing Tools For Musicians”

  1. “We are probably all a bit shy when we talk to people we don’t know. ” – This is so true!
    I feel like that whenever someone starts asking questions about my work. That’s so weird since I build a pretty good self-confidence.
    Anyways, one more great article. This just took my attention 🙂
    These are real tools that help marketers. And the Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start from.


    1. Wealthy Affiliate is like a training fascility for anyone who want to get a grip on their contact with other people. You have everything you need in one place. You communicate with people, you create posts, you help others, you get the help you need, you discuss different solutions and the list goes on and on.

      Learning while you do it, is a very effective way of learning. It saves you time, and time is always critical. Using all the tools you see working for you, not against you, makes your personal growth and self confidence so much easier accessible. The critical point for some, is of course trying to do too much at a time. Tips: Start where you feel comfortable and gradually (and not too fast) increase the activities.

      There’s this wonderful saying: How do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.

      Great to see you around here, Sunny 🙂

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