Musicians And Music Marketing

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Marketing Musicians:

You want your music marketing to be a success, after all you did spend some time on it. I notice that a lot of musicians marketing their music, seems to forget something…

I don’t know if that’s you, but if you look at the big stars, they became stars because they did something different. Digital marketing is not just about your music, but also about you. The musician, your band.

Want to know more? Read on… 

By using music marketing companies, you get the help you need, it comes with a price tag, and another thing; will you qualify?

These companies are looking for specific musicians and music. You have to apply to have them do your marketing. In the end you could find a company to do the job for you, of course, but first you should find out the more important answer to the question; When should you look for a music marketing company?

They are in the business to make money, but it doesn’t have to start there, you can start for free and learn about marketing before you leave it to someone else. You need to know everything about the marketing done for you, anyway, so the question is;

Do you know how to make your marketing worth it?

Marketing Music From Scratch

Musicians and Bands should do their own marketing. At least in the beginning, until the results start showing up. When you know how to do the marketing, you know how to reach your audience.

If you’re just uploading your music somewhere and hope that someone finds the track and share it with others, you will probably be disappointed. It can happen, of course, but by preparing people of the coming release or gig, you are more likely to reach a larger audience when the launch is set, and more people will search for your release and share it. Cool?

Leaving out the marketing of financial reasons, is not a good idea. You should build your audience while recording, or practicing for the gig. Let the people know what’s going on and give them a teaser now and then.

When you do this according to a plan, you can target your audience far better than if you leave it out. Leaving it out really means leaving the audience before you found them, and in the end leaving the money on the table. (you can read more about a market plan here)

Should you join a Music Marketing Company?


There is nothing wrong in joining a music marketing company, but it comes with a price. You should look for options where you can learn about marketing according to your wallet. Another problem by joining a company is their wish to make your music the way they want it.

If you are serious about your music, you should first build an audience that likes your music. You should be building the audience with information based on the way you make your music and show them that you are serious about it.

What you choose to do when you have an audience depends on how much time you can spend on connecting with your audience. The more you give, the more you get.


Marketing is Marketing – what you market matters

The way you market should be according to how you live your life. The more you can make your marketing a natural part of your life, the easier to get the results you need. There are communities that doesn’t focus on what you market, but how you market.

By joining such communities, not directly connected to music in any way, you get a chance to make your music your way and learn everything you need about marketing, at the same time. You also get a chance to communicate with ordinary people and get response on your music and your marketing.

A lot of these communities have a fee, but not all. I was searching internet for a long time before I found a community (more info further down) where I can work on my music and have access to all the trainings I need to do the marketing efficient.

My search was aimed to find a way to use the time for what I love to do, not everything else. By using my work on my music as a part of my marketing, I realize that marketing is easy to put into a thorough training and make sure I get an audience.

I’ve tested this online and offline and the same techniques can be used in both cases, with good results. By using what you are good at and implementing it into marketing techniques that works, your music can reach a much larger audience than you probably expected.


Work on your music and make your music your work

Too many musicians have to work in shops, gas stations or other businesses to make an income. Network marketing is another way of making a living. By building your network and using that network to make an income, you are most likely to save some time as well.

The time you save, is time you can use for making and practicing your music. You get more time to make the plans you need to make sure you get the success you want with your music.

Working online is not one “thing”, it is what you make it. Your way of working online, can easily be your regular income. By being consistent you can make the income you need and keeping your focus on your music.

When you market what you like in a combination with everything that relates to it, you can make your music your work. The next step is of course to make a living of your music, if that is what you want. Your life is based on your choice, and your music is a part of you.


How a community is helping out

When you have a question about marketing, you will always get an answer in a community. Working in a community is also a great help to make marketing natural. When you learn how to keep in touch with ordinary people that just have an interest of music, not necessarily work with music, you learn a lot about how to treat your audience, keep your audience and expand your audience.

This is a lot easier inside a community where everyone is busy working on their own marketing. You learn, you earn and you benefit from it in a way that makes you the expert on communicating with the people that matters to you, your audience. (This is why I recommend the WA community. You get all the help you need and you get the comments you need to improve.)

In that way, you will be a lot better at marketing and at the same time you will improve your communication with your audience.

Another benefit for you, is the fact that it is free of charge. You get access to everything you need to make your marketing a success. In other words, by making a free account, your marketing will become much better without having to spend anything.


For your Success – The way You want it how to promote your musicI hope you found this article interesting, and that it will help you in the promotion of your music. You’re welcome to leave a comment on anything you found here and how you see you can use it. Leaving a comment on a website is of more value than most marketing musicians understand. That it’s valuable to other readers, is one thing, but you will also see other benefits from this activity. If you miss anything, please let us know. Marketing Musicians, (this website) want to reveal all you need and also give you ideas on where you can get what you need, safely, tested and approved. Thanks for your comments, and thank you for sharing 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Musicians And Music Marketing”

  1. Hi There,

    Great article on musicians and music marketing, it certainly highlighted the areas that need to be focused on. In fact a very old friend of mine used to do the PR for many ‘very’ famous rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s and many of his ideas made headlines more than the music, you may have the best music but if no one is listening there is no point! Great article and keep up the great website, I will certainly be bookmarking your site for future articles. Regards, Michael

    1. Hi Michael,

      How interesting it must be to know someone working on marketing in the 60’s and 70’s! Things have changed since then, but the idea still exist. When people are looking for music, they will stop by the songs/works of people they have heard about. Whatever level you want your success, locally or international, doesn’t matter. Most people are looking for something familiar, not too frightening, so to get more listeners to your music, you need to connect to your audience and they will help you build the crowd. People get happier by listening o your music and you get happier to play in front of people. This is a win-win situation I believe most musicians want, and it is possible. This site is about how you can make it happen without using all the time in the world, just the time you have.

      I’m happy you see the importance of the matter and I look forward to see you around. Thank you Michael 🙂

      Always the best of wishes – Odd Helge

  2. I see how marketing your own music is important. I know that some singers/musicians are doing it already. But I noticed you say that instead of working regular jobs like so many of us do between gigs and practices it would be a better idea to make an income through network marketing. I must admit that you got me really interested there. But just how do you do that?

    1. Hello Guy, it’s funny you ask that, it is a very good question with a lot of answers to it. At the moment I’m working on an article about that, because I see the need of making the possibilites clearer for many musicians.

      Primarily it is about creating an interest in your music and yourself. Not your interest, but to make your audience more interested. There are several problems with a regular job, that makes network marketing a great alternative. First of all is there is the time aspect. It will vary how you can choose when you work and when you have to work. This makes it more difficult to schedule your practice. Your wages in regular jobs vary a lot. When you work for practically nothing, all your time would be about making enough money just to pay the bills. Your focus on your musicianship will be disturbed by working in a regular job, and you will also use a lot of time to get back to the focus you want. Changing what you do as in a career change, is more complex than many believe. It’s absolutely possible, but there are a few obstacles you have to be aware of to make it smooth.

      All of these together, makes it difficult to maintain the quality of your work as a musician. Network marketing is an alternative simply by the fact that you (when you make it run properly) control all these areas. At the same time you can actually promote yourself in your network marketing through a plan.

      In the article about these subjects, I see several ways of doing this. It is an interesting field in musicianship that more musicians should explore. Not everyone leads to gold, so what I’m working on is giving my thoughts on how this can be possible and also about what you should avoid. I’m getting closer to a finish of my reserch these days, so the article should not be far away. I hope you drop by and look for it.

      This is the answer I can give you right now, but if you look for that post in the near future, I will get into more details of the possibilities.

      Thanks for dropping by, and it’s interesting that you came up with this question. Let’s keep in touch 🙂

      – Odd Helge

  3. Your site is very informative. It is important that you market your product because that’s where success comes in. I will bookmark your site to visit another time.

    1. Thank you Luna, I appreciate your visit 🙂 This opportunity is rare with all the possibilities that lies within. Musicians wanting success needs it.

  4. What a very cool site and very informative. It’s interesting as I play in a band that has been on the Thrash Metal scene for the last 30 years, the music industry has changed way beyond all recognition since then and keeping up with all the modern marketing methods is a bit of a task (especially as I now find myself in the dubious position of doing it all myself) I’ll be visiting this site quite regularly!

    1. Thank you Jeff, I’m happy to see that you take your career seriously, and as you say, the industry has changed a lot. I’m still doing a lot of research on other marketing methods, ways of getting the eyes at your work and what to do first and more. The area is huge, but the target here is to narrow it down and save you time for your marketing and hopefully get the attention you deserve.

      I wish you luck with your band and your coming success!

      All the best from Odd Helge

  5. Hi Odd,
    I think that the Wealthy Affiliate is the right place for everyone and especially for the people like you and me. You know why? Because “ordinary” people are there, our audience that likes to hear about our work, with honest attention to it.
    That’s why I love the Wealthy Affiliate. So many people from the Wealthy Affiliate are waiting for me to get the Oscar :)))


    1. That’s very true, Sunny,
      when you make your connection with your audience a natural one, you connect on another level and you will also notice that they will support you on another level.

      The practise you get at Wealthy Affiliate is worth so much more than you can get anywhere else (as far as I have found, and I check regularly to keep an eye on what’s out there).

      I’m looking forward to watching you receiving you Oscar.

      Thanks for your nice and important comment, Sunny 🙂

  6. As a musician of sorts myself (more a bedroom producer) I found this post very interesting reading. I’m always looking for new ideas on how to promote and gain some exposure and, hopefully, some fans.

    I gained some good insights into the marketing side of things here and found your suggestion of using the training at Wealthy Affiliate to help rather intriguing. Sounds like a plan. Cheers.

    1. Thank you Darren,

      we aim to please. Musicians have a tendency of wondering why they haven’t got fans, not understanding the necessity of showing their stuff and themselves. It’s the combination that makes people succeed, not the one or the other.

      I’m happy you see the possibilities I’m suggesting and I wish you luck on your marketing. Remember to make the plan first, that makes it easier. Enjoy your coming success!

      Odd Helge

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