Musicians Marketing STRATEGY #1

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Marketing Musicians:

Every musicians marketing strategy is comparable to small business marketing strategies. You want it to be efficient and time saving, yet give you all the attention you need. Your audience may not know who you are, so by adding yourself to your marketing, the audience will increase, because of knowing you.



Before we get to the marketing strategies, I need to make sure we have the same understanding of how we can compare a small business marketing with a musicians or a bands marketing.

You might say that everything you do as a musician is comparable to a small business. You want to get the attention from people by using your music or by playing. A small business wants the same attention by selling its products.


The goals for a small business is of course to cover all the expenses involved in the business, for a start. Musicians want to earn enough to cover the expenses as well, but more than that a business want to earn from the sales of the products and so should a musician, on any level. You love your work with music and want people to hear it. Owners of small businesses love their business, but they also want to profit from it.

This is where the marketing strategies comes in handy. Business owners know that if you want to sell something you have to tell people about it. Then you have to make sure you reach the people who want this product. As a musician you have to look at yourself as the business. You run yourself, like a business owner. Your music and your playing are your products. The marketing strategies you want to use have to deal with both.


What kind of marketing you want to start with depends on your goals:

  1.  If you want to give a concert, you have to make sure that people knows about it, and make sure they just have to be there.
  2. If you take part in a gig, you have to make sure the people you want to come, knows about it so they’ll get there.
  3. If you’re working on your latest composition, you should let people know what it’s about.
  4. If you are planning on a recording, you want people to know what’s going on, so they are ready to listen to it when you’ve finished.

These are just a few examples of what musicians do, each of them can make your audience bigger by using the right strategy.

Everything you do with your music is about making the success you want. In other words, by doing what you do, you can make the most out of your music by adding the right stategy. You are probably doing a lot of what you need to do, but a lot of musicians don’t tell the right people about it, the new audience. All the people that doesn’t know they like what you do.



If you are passionate about your music or playing, you should talk about it. You want people to know what you do. Talking to your friends and colleagues is natural, but they see it as a conversation between you and them. They don’t necessarily talk about you and your music when they speak to other people. You need another strategy to make sure your audience expand.

Networking is a natural part of a musicians life. We create large network of people doing what we do. This is important for our self development. Talking about and sharing experience is a great way to keep up the momentum needed to continue working towards our goals. Networking is another internal part of what we do, and just like our friends and colleagues, our friends in the network have their business to take care of.

Marketing has to do with external publicity. You have to reach beyond your friendships and your contacts. If a business owner exclusively spoke with friends and other business owners about the products, the shop would not run very well, probably not long enough to survive.

To make sure that your marketing is working properly, you need a combination of the above. You need your friends, your network and marketing strategies. Just like a small business, like your local coffee shop, you need a shop. The shop doesn’t have to be so very physical, all you need is a blog.

This is very often frightening for a lot of people. Truth is, if you want to reach a larger audience than you have, you need a blog. You need to blog about yourself or your band and your music. Since you do what you do with your band, why not just blog about it and let people know what’s going on. The blog will also be the natural place to contact you for a concert, a gig, a recording or anything regarding you band. Your friends would contact you directly, but other people would go to your shop.

Social media strategies are also important. What you blog about, should be shared on the social media you know how to use. You should start with the ones you already know and market yourself and your music by blogging. When you get people to share your content, you are promoting more than your music. You promote yourself just as much. By letting people know about your shop, which is you or your band, and your products, your music, the chance of expanding your audience is almost unavoidable.

By being personal and engaged in what you do, the difference in marketing or not marketing gets narrowed down to a minimum. The difference is taking time to create some content regularly and make sure you reach the people you don’t talk to regularly. It shouldn’t take too much time. Do it the way you are good. What you are good at, is what you want to share with people. Since you do it already, make a note on it, record it, joke about it, discuss it in public. You can do all of these things in your blog, and share it on the social media. In that way you promote yourself, your band and your music. You give your shop a chance to sell the products. This is also a way of saving time on marketing. Make it as a natural thing to do, when you work on your music.


Playing music is about bringing hope, giving pleasure and excitement to people. What you play doesn’t really matter, as long as you like what you do. There is always an audience. Marketing has a lot to do with communicating with your audience. If you want people to go to your concerts, you need to reach out to your audience and make sure they know who you are. This is where social media comes as a great supplement to what you do regularly. You reach a lot more people. How you interact with the audience decides how successful you are. Practicing your communication is a good idea.

There are lots of places to learn about marketing. You could of course go to school or take an evening class. Internet has a lot of possibilities, some cost a lot and some are free. I found a friendly community of people interacting with small online businesses. They offer free websites/blogs on the most attractive platform. Along with a lot of training for everything you need to make a business succeed online, I found the price of nothing interesting. (Read about it here) You can use the community as a rehearsal for making your marketing a natural part of your life. At the same time, you can learn all the smart moves to make your business a success, on the level you want.

Successful marketing for a musician or a band is about marketing yourself and your music in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. Be yourself and be honest about what you do and tell everybody about it. If you want to set up a website for free, to start your marketing, here is a link to a quick way of doing that on the most attractive platform. Just click here to watch a video on how to create a website in 30 seconds

When musicians marketing strategies are built like any small business marketing strategies, adapted to the community and the audience you want to reach, you are on your way to increase your audience and get all the attention you were looking for. how to promote your musicI hope you found this article interesting, and that it will help you in the promotion of your music. You’re welcome to leave a comment on anything you found here and how you see you can use it. Leaving a comment on a website is of more value than most marketing musicians understand. That it’s valuable to other readers, is one thing, but you will also see other benefits from this activity. If you miss anything, please let us know. Marketing Musicians, (this website) want to reveal all you need and also give you ideas on where you can get what you need, safely, tested and approved. Thanks for your comments, and thank you for sharing 🙂

In my opinion this is the way we can get bigger audience to our concerts and gigs, get more interest for our recordings and get people the entertainment they need, the excitement they need and make all of our lives better. What’s your opinion?

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2 thoughts on “Musicians Marketing STRATEGY #1”

  1. Hi Odd,
    I am an actress, and like that, I could relate to your perspective. It is the same. We need to focus on marketing as well.
    I am in a process of creating a few websites and one of them is my personal website about me and my work. All that thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate (before I found them I knew nothing about marketing). So I think that this internet era is great for us because now with the right tools and school we can learn how to promote ourselves and our work right?!

    I wish you all the best and much success in your endeavors!

    1. The opportunity that WA gives, with a next to nothing kind of price (especially compared to what other website systems offer regarding trainings, building websites and getting all the help you need), is a cheap way of making your work known all over the world.

      I believe this goes for any kind of artist musicians, actors, painters, dancers, authors- you name it. There will always be someone looking for what you have to offer. Using your time, talents and skills to reach out to them has always been a great way to connect with the people that want what you have.

      I also believe we have an obligation to show the world what we have to offer, to contribute to a continuous constant development of our subjects.

      WA makes this a lot easier than ever before.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your contribution to make the world a better place.

      May your success never set limitations to what you can do!

      All the best for your success,

      Odd Helge

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