Virtual Income Review – Scam or Fraud?

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Virtual Income Review

This article is about a company that really wasn’t worth what they told us. On the other hand, it is also about what to look for when you are in doubt, whether to go for the product or just find another one. This company seems to have lost its function, but take a good look at the picture, I discovered something…

I found this in June 2016:

vitual income scam

Here’s what I found in February 2017:

About the picture? Read on …
Name: Virtual Income
Price: Free Account, $250 to start
Owners: ???
Overall Rank: A DANGEROUS SCAM – a quick way to lose your money

Virtual Income a Product Overview

This company have all the signs of a scam you need to keep away from it. I have seen a few and I know what to look for, this site have enough to make a clear decision; STAY AWAY!

You may now understand, I didn’t make that free account, so this review is about what to look for to make sure you’re not scammed. There are legit businesses that provide the services intended here. They would be a lot more thorough in the presentation and they would tell you what you need to know. Virtual Income doesn’t. They tell you something everyone could know and nothing more.

but first let’s see what they want you to believe:

  • Virtual Income Incorporated is supposed to do everything in TRADING, all at the same time.
  • Virtual Income App is supposed to do all the work for you, so everything is fully automated.
  • You can earn a lot of money starting today.
  • They want you to be the proof of their “soon to be on Wall Street” product.
    What You Get And What You Should Be Looking For

First you get presented to their video, where this man claims:

vitual income scam


Most of us believe that if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. He get’s into the room which looks like a regular hotel meeting room. I don’t know if it is, but they very often look like that.


This man has no name. That’s not a good sign. A legit company does give name on the speaker and what role he has in the company.
Tons of people are aware of these facts, so to keep the attention a little longer, there is a scary fact presented:

virtual income scam

Now that this anonymous person has warned us that the opportunity is extremely limited, there is a chance that people stay a little longer.

The next step is to make sure that you understand why they give you this opportunity, with a hint of how fantastic their software is.


He then reclaims that this is a scam, or not really, he makes sure that you know it isn’t a scam, by telling you that you have told yourself already:

virtual income scam

This is a very common technique in trying to convince you that it isn’t. Truth is; If this wasn’t a scam, he wouldn’t have to mention it, because you would have known something about the product by now. That is not the case of Virtual Income.

This anonymous guy has used about five of your minutes to tell you that you have nothing to worry about, and that’s a good reason to get worried.


No, he continues with this:

virtual income fraud


Certified, independent auditors have confirmed the Virtual Income software. In fact; that’s great, BUT a legit company would proudly give up the names of the auditors and they would make sure that you could check them out elsewhere online. By keeping all the names a secret, they actually tell you that you really should stay away. It’s a funny way of saying you’ve been warned.

This goes on and on. There is an assurance that you will make a lot of money, a fortune, in fact. He also states that it takes money to make money, without you having to worry about that now. When an anonymous man tells me not to worry about money, is the moment I do. It tells me something’s wrong. It’s on the other hand, not quite right either. You can make money without having to spend money, but not here.

virtual income scam

Finally you get an “insight” in what this is.

After a presentation about nothing new, and a view on standard equipment used in a central for storage of data (no, I’m not an expert on that, but I’ve seen such centrals before, at least they looks very similar). I’m not sure that it is usual with a DVD-player:

vitual income scam

You are assured that this is a system for everyone. No experience needed, no knowledge about trading, no nothing. Well, the only thing that tells me, as long as you don’t GET those insights, is that this is an easy way of tricking you into doing something you don’t have a clue about, and then, after you left your money; you don’t have a clue of where to search for the money you just lost.

After showing you more pictures (this one was cool, though):

virtual income scam

He starts convincing you that this is extraordinary, by telling you that a computer can work faster than a human being. I thought that was one of the reasons we used these programs.  Those were Great news in the 1950’s. The words used implies nothing else, really. This is the kind of programs used in all kinds of trading all over the world, 24/7/365.



This looks great, but after a few minutes, you suddenly start recognizing the members. They operate under different names, different earning, in different countries all over the world, just in minutes. Travel fast is possible, but not this fast. Here is one person, earning a lot, with different names and on different continents, meet Paku aka Kaarina (and there are more names:

BILDE 8 REVIEW  virtual income scam

These pictures shows Paku, he has earned some money in Mombai (the second picture is a close-up of the first one).  This same person, (at least the picture) turns suddenly up in Moscow, about 20 seconds later, now named Kaarina:

virtual income scam

There are also a lot of other photos returning within a minute, from different places, with different names and profit. I checked the next day to see what happened, and they kept turning up on different places on the planet, earning money under the same name. This seems to be a database using some photos randomly chosen to be presented from a Google map with a profit.

This does not look trustworthy to me, so I’m NOT going to sign up for a free account.

There are more issues later on in the presentation. There are experts praising the system, telling everyone to join. These experts have no name and work nowhere. They are just making statements.

Enough time used on this one, I don’t recommend this, unless you like risking being scammed.

After this presentation, I got back to the start and concluded that for me, this is too good to be true, so it probably isn’t.

How about the picture? I promised you that you would find something in here, and here it comes:

Recognize that person? This was posted in July 2016. This is another company. They also do a lot better on the marketing side of things in this commercial. The fun part is that this might be the same product, but comes with a different name. I know that people have made success with this product, but there are also many who lost their money. Auto trading is of course something to consider, but when you see this guy, you know you see an actor… I wonder how many films he has made.

This product has gotten some complaints, some deserved, others from people who just lost their money. The complaints are more or less like the original ones I found to the first product. Everything repeat itself. Like the complaints…. Something you will find below:


The first thing I did was what I always do. I checked if there was a review about the company. I found a lot, and so will you.

Why write another one?

You never know where these sites turn up, the more reviews there are about these companies, the more people get the chance to avoid being scammed. Again, as long as I haven’t been scammed by this company, I can’t tell if this is a scam or legit. My intention here is to show you what to look for and what to be careful about. If this is legit, they did a very bad job in showing it.

Tried to find the owner of the site? I did, no name anywhere. Maybe it was my search, but I did the search where I usually find the necessary information. A legit company would at least have some information available.

Who is Virtual Income For?

Anyone who is interested in being scammed has a great opportunity here. I cannot say if this is a scam or not, but there are too many indicators that it is to even try to make an account. What happens to the information you leave there? I won’t even bother using time to think it over. It’s not worth it.

My Final Opinion of Virtual Income



Name: Virtual Income
Price: Free Account, $250 to start
Owners: ???
Overall Rank: A DANGEROUS SCAM – a quick way to lose your money


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4 thoughts on “Virtual Income Review – Scam or Fraud?”

  1. My first time hearing about this product and you have offered such a good review of a scam product. I have seen quite a number of such sites and have always avoided them so I guess this is another one to avoid. I hope to see more reviews on this site.

    1. It was new to me as well, but very similar to other scam products. Sadly we have to do that kind of reviews, but if we all do we will hopefully help someone to avoid such traps. Thanks for dropping by Koko, and more reviews will come. I just have to. May your life be awesome without the frauds.

  2. This the first I’ve ever heard of this company, and you have really laid out some great details on how this company is working on scamming the public Thank You. It’s really a shame how much work these people put into their programs to just scam the people out there. I have been taken by a scam site before but I do know what to look out for, and you have also added some more tips for me to be aware of.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been scammed, shows again how important it is that there are as many reviews as possible. I wish for internet to be a nice and secure place to visit, with great offers and honest people around, so I won’t stop telling about the ones that doesn’t look good. Experience gives us some help, so we have to use it to alert all the great people around the globe. Thanks for dropping by Dawn, hope to see you here again 🙂

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