What is Relationship Marketing for Musicians

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Marketing Musicians:

Relationship marketing is based on the idea that at customer is a returning customer. Online marketing for musicians is not so unlike marketing anything else, we just have this ONE advantage; Our Music. This means that relationship marketing is a great start for a musician.

The difference between a musicians marketing and a business marketing is here;

a fan is a returning human being, who like what you do, and usually also who you are.

You do need to get in touch with your fans, you will notice that they keep turning up where you play and listen to everything that you do. That is, of course, because they like what you do and they like you. This is for your advantage and you can actually please them by being a serious marketer. Marketing for musicians is mainly based on the fact that you are in contact with your fanbase. It starts small and then grows bigger and bigger. If you do things right, that is.

How do you approach it

To get involved with relation marketing as a musician, you may have to start working on your fans. They are the one’s you are going to create a closer relation to, so don’t leave them in the dark. You need to keep them informed about what your next move in your career is about.

Even if you plan to take 6 months off, as a musician, tell them, and they’ll keep counting days and hours for you. When you get back you can tell them what happened and you are still in touch with your fans. Great, isn’t it?

How do you plan to make it work

If you don’t have a plan to make a fan base, then you might struggle a bit with your relationship with your fans. Your plan on how to ensure that your fans get in touch with you (not thousand ways, just a few), and that you have a way of reaching to them, is maybe the most valuable document you make.

Yes, you should make it as a document. The plan doesn’t have to be advanced, but as you get used to it, you develop new and better ways of getting in touch with the audience, without all your time being stolen. Keep upgrading that plan, so you are sure that you get the most out of the time you spend for your marketing.

You integrate the way you use social media, and how you plan on getting your music sold into this document. Not the details with prices, times, when or the how’s – just the what you do where.

How to make it automatic

When you have one document for this activity, you’re good. If you feel you need more than one, you are probably mixing something that makes your marketing more complex than it should be. The only way this is on automatic, is by making it a habit. Yes, make a habit of staying in touch with your fans. There are actually a few tricks, but not to mention here…

Why you should use that time wisely

Making a habit of things, saves you time. You should try to be aware of how much time it saves you, and you should make sure you use that time for something you want to do. It should be related to your musicianship and there is one way to make sure it does…

Tell you fans what you do. They would love it, you have to keep it going and you achieve two of your most precious possible goals.

  • You do more with your music
  • You get in touch with your fans or audience
  • You get a better musician
  • you get better at marketing

Relationship marketing this way, makes it more fun to do marketing, it makes your crowd on concerts or even gigs, grow.

why you need to keep your network alive

When you make your marketing after the easy principle that people likes to know what you do, how you do it and all that stuff; you will notice that you have a more steady crowd coming to your concerts. You will have a complete group of dedicated people, that will help you get enough people to your concerts.

Some Musicians believe that having fans is for the well-established bands, artists, musicians. It’s not, it’s for everyone. There is no need to wait on building your fan-club. You might even get someone to make what you can call the official fan-club (make sure they are good and know how to sell a lot of stuff that you earn on).

Your network is your fan base, and using relationship marketing as a musician, makes your career smoother, as long as you keep in touch with your fans. They are your customers, treat them well.

marketingmusicians.org how to promote your musicI hope you found this article interesting, and that it will help you in the promotion of your music. You’re welcome to leave a comment on anything you found here and how you see you can use it. Leaving a comment on a website is of more value than most marketing musicians understand. That it’s valuable to other readers, is one thing, but you will also see other benefits from this activity. If you miss anything, please let us know. Marketing Musicians, (this website) want to reveal all you need and also give you ideas on where you can get what you need, safely, tested and approved. Thanks for your comments, and thank you for sharing 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What is Relationship Marketing for Musicians”

  1. You see, I am wondering now if they teach in the schools something like this.
    I studied acting at the University of Arts, and I didn’t have even one class on this topic. Except when my professors were giving advice. But that’s not what I am talking about. I think that creating a marketing plan and fan clubs should also be mandatory classes for artists, musicians, actors as well.

    Thanks for this great article, I can see that I am going to learn a lot from your posts.


    1. I didn’t learn anything of it in my music studies either, but times have changed…

      It appears to me that there are more universities taking this seriously nowadays, but there are thousands of people still alive, ready to make a career who didn’t get this part.

      This is not the way most people think of their building of a music career, but this is the best way of doing it, because a happy returning fan, spread the good word of your work and makes more people curious. We need to take care of all the possibilities coming along and use them in our advantage. This is also a great argument of getting good contracts when you take your career to the next level and the next level. Always building new relations with your audience is the best way to get more of the money you actually deserves.

      … and before you know it, one of your fans happens to be the owner of the facility that can produce all the material you need for your promotion, and since you’re so kind, you get a great discount or a connection to customers/becoming fans that you only could dream of…

      How does that sound…

      I’m pleased that you can learn something from my post, and thank you for sharing, it’s really appreciated 🙂

      For your career to grow,

      Odd Helge

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