Why Network Marketing Is The Musicians Friend

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 Marketing Musicians:

network marketing, musiciansfriend, how to work from home on internet

When you have to work a regular job between your gigs or concerts, you obviously don’t earn enough on your music. Network marketing can be any musicians friend, by being a friendly alternative. You just need to learn how to work from home on internet and your world can get very different in an attractive way.


It’s great to have a steady income. When you don’t earn enough on your music, you have to look elsewhere. Regular jobs are of course very tempting and steady, but they also represent a few problems you don’t want. By changing them with network marketing, you can avoid most of them, and gain more. You can actually earn more and get more gigs or concerts by learning how to work from home on internet.




  • The Time Problem. You want to practice to your next job, but have to go to work. Quite frustrating at times, especially when your work doesn’t imply playing. When that is true and you don’t feel you get the time you need to really learn all those phrasings well enough. Work takes too much time at the wrong time. This way time is not a musicians friend.
    • Solution: Network marketing is done when you are ready. You decide when and for how long every day. The most important things are to be consistent and market what you believe in.
  • Wages in regular jobs vary a lot. Many musicians work part-time in jobs that pays practically nothing. They have to work a lot to make a decent income. On top of that, you have to use a lot of time for planning the next gig. You need to make a space so you can be there and you have to find the time to practice, and then you have to go to work.
    • Solution: What you market decides how much money you can make. There are several ways of doing marketing that can get you a more than decent income. At the same time, you can get rid of a lot of the frustrations that occurs with a regular job. You are in charge of your time. Making a good plan gives you the time to practice, decide when to practice and you will be able to attend more gigs.



Your focus on your musicianship is disturbed by working in a regular job, and you will also use a lot of time to get back to the focus you want. When you get the hang of the network marketing, you can plan all these factors and make sure that you are the decision taker and then become the success maker. How to do this?

network marketing, musicians friend, how to work from home on internet



You need a few things to get started:

The Technical Stuff:

  • a computer of any kind.
  • a network to connect your computer to the world (wi-fi or cable).
  • a website.


The Skills:

  • Training on marketing.
  • Training on setting up a website, and how to use it.
  • Training on how to use social media (yeah, I know, that’s why musicians don’t do anything online, but with training, you don’t have to be there all the time. You decide and you run the show, that’s when social media gets useful. Growing your audience, that’s what it’s about).
  • Training on how to make money online, the real way, not the scammy way. (More on what to avoid later)


The Time:

1-2 hours (or more) a day.

If you don’t have that time every day, any time is better than no time. Using less time only means it takes longer to get your website up and running and tell the world (or the part of the world you want to tell) that you are an excellent musician, doing serious business.

That’s in fact all you really need.


Make The Money:

Honestly, that is in fact all you need. The next step is to learn how to use internet in a way that makes you money. You can figure it out for yourself, or you can search for help by experienced marketers. Here is one example of a community that does marketing in every niche you can think of, even more and then some. Why a community? Read on!

you can have a look inside if you want, by clicking on this banner, it’s free https://marketingmusicians.org


… But First:

You need a website. Nowaydays it takes about 30 seconds to have one up and running (I’ll tell you about it in a while). From there you need to find some content that makes you money, one way or another. Network marketing is about marketing something on internet. There are too many possibilities to mention them all, but here’s a few ways:

  • You can market yourself and your music.
    • As a musician that’s what you should do, sooner or later, by using a combination of a website, videos and social media. Adding ads and you make money when promoting yourself.
  • You can earn money by placing ads on your website.
    • A lot of people do that, successfully. Some musicians have this as their hobby, making money through ads on websites where they write about whatever they like to write about. Others just blog and make millions, the same way.
  • Affiliate marketing.
    • Marketing as an affiliate is about selling other peoples products. You get a commission from the sale. There are thousands of options, and many within the music section.

These are some of the main ways of marketing, there are more, but these are the most important to know about right now. Knowing there are more should only be an inspiration.


… But Second:

You need a plan. It’s important to have a plan. You want to make sure that you don’t move into your computer and stay there. A plan usually starts like this:

  1. Make yourself a clear Goal. Write it down
  2. When are you planning on getting there? Set a date.
  3. Decide how much time you want to use every day, and WHEN (if possible, and it usually is possible).

You need to decide on what level you want your marketing. Should you quit your job? Not yet.

Don’t quit before you know how and why your marketing works. I present you for at serious business that can make you more gigs, more money and more time. This works like everything else, with time and consistency, you can have your marketing up and running smoothly in 6-12 months.

Sounds like a lot of time? It’s not. That is actually fast on the internet, but possible, if you understand the power of being in a marketing community. (almost there, where I tell you about it, but to make it clearer:)

It works like promoting a concert. You should start marketing about 6 months before the actual concert to make sure you get the size of the audience you want, it’s about having control over the market. It takes about 1-2 hours a day in any case, but in this case you earn the money from it, the audience and more. (Read more about how to make a marketing plan here)

Let’s not forget your plan. A few other subjects you should include in your plan, maybe not at once, but as you make your plan grow:

  • Planning your way to your goal. All you need to fullfill your goal.
  • Practising yourself to success. Musically and mentally. How and when
  • Picture yourself reaching your goals and setting new ones.

What if all of this

was just

one login away,

would you test it?



Being part of a network benefits everyone inside the network. As a musician you are used to build network with other musicians and people connected to what you do as a musician. This is one of the benefits we have, by being every musicians friends and doing network marketing online, you should use your skills to get connected to others doing marketing online. They don’t have to be musicians, as long as they know about marketing online.



Network marketing is an alternative simply by the fact that you (when you make it run properly) control your day, time and income. Primarily it is about creating an interest in your music and yourself.

Not your interest, but to make your audience more interested and to grow your audience. Whatever you do in music, you can have an audience, they are on your side. When people are on your side, they have a tendency of turning up where you are, when you serve them what they want:

Your Music.

When you are in contact with a marketing community, you get training for everything you need to start your business, to grow your business and to handle your business. Tell them you are a musician and, believe me, there are lots of people who want to be a musicians friend. They love to help you, too.

There are a lot of benefits in being part of a community that doesn’t consist of musicians:

  • you get training in communicating with ordinary people.
  • you get training in helping others helping themselves.
  • you get training in all the technical stuff you need.
  • you get training in the use of all the tools you need, like social media, video, searching, marketing, making money and a lot more.

I’ve heard this: there are a few other solutions than the one I found, but there is a difference.

The Price!



As a musician you need to have your focus where it needs to be. On yourself and your music. (This is business, if you have a family, they are of course important).

When you search internet for ways to make money, you will find a lot of sites offering you a lot of money in a very short time. Don’t do that to yourself, here’s why:

  • You would be surprised how expensive it is to earn money fast on internet. Most people (60-90%) earn a lot less than they pay.
  • You would not learn a lot before you buy whatever they sell. And to learn more, you have to buy some more. And then…. As long as you pay, you learn something that you could have learned for FREE. They all have a sentence saying, no one else do this or that, teach you this or that. None of them will give you a free demonstration, they all offer something similar, but not exactly the same.
  • You would have to buy everything you need, even the free stuff. And you need a mentor, a costy one…
  • You would not have time to do what you really want, because you were too busy trying to make money. Maybe, and just maybe you could succeed, but what about your music…

The above accounts for the ones that is legit. There are also scams offering the same thing. That is why you always should search for reviews on things on internet.



Instead of choosing the expensive, time stealing options, you can get a real business, working real hours and get reasonable promotion, income and a life for FREE, or at least almost.

Inside this alternative, called Wealthy Affiliate, you will find everything you need, including a very friendly community. Many who have been scammed (some even more than once), running honest businesses online. Click on the logo below to learn more on what is possible. (or click here)


In short:

YOU CAN BUILD A WEBSITE IN 30 seconds, then add your content
YOU GET ACCESS TO A COMMUNITY of friendly people helping you to succeed
WEALTHY AFFILIATE is built to help people succeed online, even without any experience.


, incl. 2 free websites, all the training you need to succeed, and all you need to know about marketing.

https://marketingmusicians.org Create your FREE account NOW and see for yourself.

When you have to work a regular job between your gigs or concerts, you obviously don’t earn enough on your music. Network marketing can be any musicians friend, and here you can start NOW for FREE

marketingmusicians.org how to promote your musicI hope you found this article interesting, and that it will help you in the promotion of your music. You’re welcome to leave a comment on anything you found here and how you see you can use it. Leaving a comment on a website is of more value than most marketing musicians understand. That it’s valuable to other readers, is one thing, but you will also see other benefits from this activity. If you miss anything, please let us know. Marketing Musicians, (this website) want to reveal all you need and also give you ideas on where you can get what you need, safely, tested and approved. Thanks for your comments, and thank you for sharing 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Why Network Marketing Is The Musicians Friend”

  1. Hi, Odd Helge.

    This was a creative way to promote WA. From you started talking about it until you finished I got more and more excited. I see that you don’t mention what it will cost me in the long run. I have a question for you. Can you really build a website in 30 secund? With my knowledge of the technical stuff, I think I will use a lot more time to do it in that short amount of time. But ok. I see that some can do it.


    1. Hi Tove,
      it’s inspiration that you like it, I appreciate you not just passing by, but telling. Thank you 🙂

      The plan was to show you a video on how you actually can do that, NOW you can. I had forgotten to add it, so thank you for telling me. It’s possible, just watch the video near the end of the article.

      The Price? In the long run, it will cost you $0. You will have access to everything you need to start a business and a lot of the training. It is a possiblility to succeed. Or you can upgrade to the only other level, Premium, cost $47/mth. Then you have access to Everything you need for an online success.

      Hope this helps, thanks for dropping by 🙂
      Only the best from Odd Helge

  2. Hi there again OddHelgeH!

    I like the connection you’ve drawn here. Many others can relate to the attraction of online marketing vs. their day job. I personally don’t know much about being a musician, but what you have posted here is definitely a great way to make a living while doing what you love.

    I can’t imagine teaching at a high school, so many kudos to you! If the kids you teach are anything like I was when I was in high school, then I apologize on their behalf!


    1. Hi Wing,

      thank you for dropping by, appreciate it 🙂

      I hope a lot of musicians see the same connection. We need to hear their music.

      And, apology accepted 🙂

  3. I Love this! I am a musician and I just recently got into network marketing. A lot of my fellow network marketers I know are also Musicians, It’s funny how it draws that type of person. I definitely bookmarked this article for future reference. Thanks for this 🙂 Have a Blessed Day

    1. Hello Zach, and thanks for your comment. It’s great that you like it. You’re welcome to share it as well 🙂 It’s important for musicians to make themselves reachable. Network marketing is a great way of making the fuzz you need to get noticed, so you and your friends have chosen the right way to get the success you’re looking for. Thanks for dropping by

      May your dreams come true.

      Odd Helge

  4. What a great find! That’s my goal Odd. To work as an actress and a singer and in the meantime to have established online business and travel the world for the new auditions and so on 🙂
    That’s why I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate. Because I can reach my financial freedom and do whatever I want and like and spend more time with my family!!! Thanks for the great post! It just reminded me how lucky I am!
    And everyone else who found the Wealthy Affiliate 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sunny,

      yes, the possibilities are always waiting for those who take action on what they want in life. Network marketing may take some time in the beginning, but as you make your plan and get the hang of scheduling the tasks, you don’t really feel it as a burden. It will daily be a reminder of where you’re heading and makes all the work you do to reach your goals a lot easier. We need reminders and with Wealthy Affiliate, you’re kind of bound to succeed, because it makes the basics so easy and so obvious. I learn something new every day.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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